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Advantage Skin Clinic are a passionate and dedicated team. Born from the need for specialist detection of melanoma and sun related skin cancers, and to help manage common skin conditions

We exist as an easily accessible facility to provide readily available, early detection of melanoma and sun related skin cancers. We aim to treat and manage common skin conditions effecting the general population from ageing skin, acne, sun damaged skin, scarring and problems with pigmentation.

Using the latest in technology from molemap, combined with registered nurse melanographers. Our team are trained specifically in skin cancer detection, with the support of a dermatologist.

our expert team

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Rebecca, our Melanographer and Registered Nurse, focusses on skin health education and prevention of sun damage. Passionate about the health profession, she loves helping people and caring for her patient’s medical needs.


She believes strongly in the power of early detection in skin cancer as she has seen the life-saving impact it can have. Nurses are often helping patients once an illness has occurred and Rebecca relishes that her role involves being part of the prevention and detection, as well as the treatment.




Ang, our Senior Dermal Therapist, is tasked with helping people with skin conditions and educating them on how to care for their skin.  She has been in the dermal and skin industry for over 20 years and has seen the industry evolve and enjoys being on the cutting edge of this.


She is fanatical about finding new skincare products and services, suitable to each of her client’s needs, regardless of their age and skin condition. Taking a client from having extremely bad skin to clear healthy skin, is her passion. The skin is the largest organ of our body and teaching her patients how to care for it, drives her!




Tanaya, our Dermal Therapist, performs advanced skin treatments, giving clients real results.


Her extensive training, over 6 years’ experience, and knowledge on skin anatomy, allows her to create a tailored treatment plan for each person. She is passionate about helping people regain confidence in their appearance. In order to further her knowledge, Tanaya is currently undertaking a degree in nursing.








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