what is Molemap check?

Could you have a melenoma?

Early detection is your

best protection.

Skin Cancer Detection Specialists

Our Molemap Check registered nurse melanographer and experienced dermatologists are experts at detecting and diagnosing early stage melanoma – when it’s most treatable.

The Gold Standard

The technology we use and our clinical excellence is the gold standard for the detection and diagnosis of melanoma and other skin cancers.

The melanographer uses a handheld dermatoscope to see the intricate structures of your moles. They also use a specially designed Molemap camera to take dermoscopic images of the internal structure of your moles. Our skilled dermatologists review, diagnose and report on your moles via teledermatology.

Our Service

Full Body Skin Cancer Check

  • Expert dermatologist diagnosis

  • Seen by a registered nurse melanographer

  • Head-to-toe skin check

  • Skin cancer education

Suitable For People Who:

  • Have any number of moles

  • Have not had a full body skin check recently

  • Are concerned about a particular mole or spot

  • Had major sunburns growing up

  • Have used sunbeds.

What To Expect

At your appointment you will be seen by a registered nurse melanographer who is specially trained to identify, image and map any suspicious looking spots.

After your appointment the melanographer will securely forward any imaged spots to a dermatologist – who works via teledermatology – for diagnosis and reporting.

The dermatologist will send your report which includes comments and any recommendations for treatment to your GP who will discuss this with you. If the dermatologist recommends treatment like having a mole removed, your GP will arrange this for you. Or they may recommend other management options.





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