Cosmetic Lesion Removal

We offer a range of cosmetic treatments and solutions for the removal of benign lesions such as skin tags or moles by our Doctor. Through the use of radio-frequency technology we are able to remove benign lesions, skin tags, raised lesions and even warts with minimal scarring. If your lesion is not suitable to have radio-frequency technology attended we can excise the lesion surgically  or use alternate treatments such as cryotherapy.

Assessment of all lesions will be attended by our Doctor to assess suitability for removal. Excised lesions will be sent for histological diagnosis. 

Appropriate use of local anaesthetic to numb the area of the lesion prior to removal to prevent any discomfort or pain will be used.

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Indications For Removal:

  • Benign Lesion that cause irritation or removal for cosmetic|aesthetic purposes. 

Downtime from the procedure: 

The downtime post procedure will depend on the course of treatment attended. 

A consult with our Doctor will be required prior to the procedure to discuss the treatment plan, potential complications, downtime and post treatment care.  

Before and After: 

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