Skin Checks – What you need to know:

Skin checks are important in Australia as it has one of the highest rates of melanoma in the world, but when should you get your skin checked is often something that is not talked about.

Skin checks should be attended by a professional on a yearly basis. This may increase if you have a higher risk of skin cancer or if you have a new or changing lesion. We recommend 3 monthly self skin checks along with your yearly check by a trained professional to monitor for any changes with your skin – as you the patient will always know more about your own skin than someone who has seen it once.

A self skin check involves you looking at your own skin – including areas like your back which are hard to see (a mirror or friend/partner helps with this.)

Your annual skin check from a professional should include areas such as your scalp, nails and toes. As melanoma and skin cancers can be located anywhere on your body, even if it doesn't have sun exposure on a regular basis.

Your risk of skin cancer is based off: your age, skin type, lifestyle, family and personal history of skin cancer and if you have ever had sun burn. You can check your skin cancer risk at

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