Vitamins in skincare

Vitamins play an important part in your skin care routine but what does each vitamin actually do?

With a wide array of products available on the market, it can become confusing as to which product suits your skin and will meet you skins needs.

We always recommend talking with a trained therapist to discuss your skin and skincare regime for best results.

Vitamin A: Can come in many forms such as retinol, retinyl palmitate, retinyl acetate and retinoic acid. Vitamin A has the following benefits:

Increases cell turnover

Improves the appearance of the skin by slowing down the signs of ageing

Speeds up healing

Helps to prevent breakouts

Hydrates your skin

Vitamin B:

Improves tone/evenness

Reduces the appearance of pigmentation

Reduces redness, fine lines and wrinkles

Redefines pore size

Improves moisture

Vitamin C:

Aids collagen synthesis

Improves wound healing

Reduces wrinkles

Brightens the skin


Limits damage from UV exposure

Vitamin E:

Prevents wrinkles and sun damage

Removes dark circles under the eyes

Helps smooth and hydrate the skin

Fights acne causing bacteria

Vitamins can be included in a range of products. At Advantage Skin Clinic we have consultations available with our Dermal Therapists and Doctors to discuss your skin and what products will be of benefit to you.

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