Alpha Hydroxy Night Cream 50ml

Our moisturisers should be applied daily to hydrate the skin. Moisturising will promote quicker cell repair, boost collagen and slow down the ageing process. We stock a range of moisturisers at Advantage Skin Clinic. Come in and speak with our experienced team to find out which moisturiser is suited for your skin


Exfoliating will contribute to a healthy and radiant complexion. It will remove dead skin and increase the blood circulation thus promoting new cells and collagen. We recommend exfoliating twice a week at home. This can aid in repair after breakouts and ease clogged or congested pores. It will also assist with dry skin or pigmentation issues.



We stock a range of products that are targeted at correcting common skin conditions such as acne and pigmentation.

Alpha Hydroxy Night Cream 50ml




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