Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin condition. It is characterised by defined, red and scaly plaques (thickened skin). There are several subtypes of psoriasis.

It affects 2-4% of males and females and may start at any age. The peak onset of psoriasis is between the ages of 15-20years and 50-60 years. The severity of the psoriasis will fluctuate.

The usual presentation is of symmetrically distributed red, scaly plaques that have well defined edges. The colour of the scale is usually a silvery white except in skin folds where they appear shiny.

The common sites for psoriasis are: scalp, elbows and knees.


Psoriasis is an immune mediated inflammatory disease. The genetic profile of individuals will influence their type and response to treatment.


  • Infections

  • Injuries i.e. cuts and abrasions

  • Obesity

  • Sun exposure

  • Smoking

  • Excessive alcohol

  • Stress

  • Medications

  • Stopping oral steroids or topical corticosteroids.



Psoriasis is diagnosed by its clinical features. A skin biopsy may support the diagnosis.


The management of psoriasis can be through a variety of approaches. Appointments are available with our Aesthetic Doctor to discuss your hx, previous treatments and to tailor a plan to suit your skins needs. 

  • Topical therapy

  • Dermalux LED light therapy

  • Systemic therapy

  • Medications

  • Systemic corticosteroids