Treatment Plans

Our competitively-priced treatments and services target a range of skin conditions including acne, rosacea, pigmentation, scarring and fine lines and wrinkles. Treatment plans are available for purchase and individual treatment plans can be created during a consult with one of our highly trained staff. 

Acne Treatment Plan $599.00 

Our acne treatment plan includes: 

  • An Environ Clear Skin Kit 

  • 2x Dermalux LED booster treatments 

  • 2x Hydro-Dermabrasion treatments to the face 

Rosacea Treatment Plan $899.00 

Our  rosacea treatment plan includes: 

  • 3x Environ rosacea treatment

  • 3x Dermalux LED Rejuvenation treatment 

Scar Reduction Treatment Plan $1050.00 

Our  scar reduction plan includes: 

  • 3x Dermapen treatments 

  • 3x Dermalux LED Booster treatments 

  • 1x CIT Roller + a recommendation for take home skin care products. 

Pigmentation Treatment Plan $899.00

Our pigmentation treatment plan includes: 

  • 1x CIT Roller 

  • 1x Environ Mela Fade system

  • 2x Hydro-Dermabrasion to the face

  • 2x Pigmentation Peels

Health and Wellbeing Treatment Plan $499.00

Our  health and wellbeing plan includes: 

  • 2x P-Enzyme Peels

  • 2x Dermalux LED rejuvenation treatments

Dermalux LED Treatment

Plan $499.00

Our Dermalux LED plan includes: 

  • 6x Dermalux LED booster treatments targeted to your individual skin concern.